A New Coding Website: scratch.mit.edu

Hi, and I want to tell you why I haven’t been posting journals or anything like that. Now, the hint is in the title: A New Coding Website, Scratch. Now, do you know what I have been doing? If you guessed coding games and stuff, you are right. Now, I want to tell you how I discovered this website for coding. So, one day, I was trying to make a shooting game with code.org, my coding site I used to use, and I didn’t know how to. So, I searched on youtube how to make a shooting game on scratch. Then, I watched this video and it was not Code.org teaching. It was on a different website. So, on the video, I looked closely at the link and I saw the link saying, “Scratch.mit.edu”. Then, I searched the link on google, and I saw the website, and I got an account, and it sent an email to my dad’s email, and I told my dad to check it, and boom! I got my account and I started coding immediately, and the coding was much different. And That’s how I discovered scratch. I will also tell you the link to get to scratch. Here it is: