March 11th, 2020 – Today’s Day

I was woken up by mom. After tapping my back, in bursts of 3, three times, I woke up. But I later fell asleep again, and this time, in bursts of two, she tapped me on the back two times. I then woke up again and went downstairs. I was used to someone down there making my lunch and my recess snack, but no one was there, and I asked why no one was down there making my lunch and snack.
My mom didn’t answer at all. So I went downstairs and sat on a black, solid chair. My mom then followed me. She asked what I wanted for breakfast. I would usually go for some Multigrain Cheerios with dairy milk, but I didn’t know, so I answered with a simple “I don’t know.” So, my mom asked if I wanted some bread. I then asked what type of bread. But I don’t think she was interested in answering that question, because next, she microwaved some bread from the TnT store. After half a minute, she was done microwaving and gave the bread to me.
After eating that tasty piece of bread, I was upstairs, brushing my teeth with a small toothbrush, made by Oral, with a picture of Lightning Mcqueen (I’m not childish, It’s just that there weren’t any other toothbrushes that mom bought.) And once I was done, it was 8:12. So, I got dressed in my thick coat, my double-pants, my double-socks, and my shoes, which, well, the sole is falling off. ( I like doubles, ok?) And, on my way to school, I was.
Going past my dad’s new-bought Ford Escape, 2006 model, a black car with Goodyear tires, I went to the backyard, where my bike was, a darkish-blue bike, with the brakes pretty much broken, which broke when I was turning the bike 360° (No Scope lol 🙂 ).
But the brakes still do work, just that the back brakes, when you use them, after using them, they don’t move by itself and move to where it was originally, and it doesn’t work as efficiently as it did before. The front, it works like how it’s supposed to, but it sometimes just oofs and a part of it stops working. And even though that part is easily fixable, the brake doesn’t work at all, which is why I use the back brake as an emergency brake for when that happens.
On the way to school, I rode the bike fast, because I knew it was 8:17 since I checked the time before I left the house. When I was later on the sidewalk, I then also expected tons of people that would be slowing me down by not moving over to the other side of the sidewalk, but there were only two people. “Phew! It’s good it’s not rush hour!”
Once I got to the school, Ryan asked me if my dad texted his mom yet, for confirmation for a sleepover at Ryan’s house. I said “No,” for he didn’t. The buzzer (Also known as a BELL) then went off, so we waited for our teacher to come outside and get us. Once we were inside, we started doing our Genius Hour, and Genius Hour presentations, which I would say mine is probably the best out of all. Sure, you would say that is my opinion, but it probably is, since mine is neat, and because I had found a secret weapon, the text effects area, and the object effects area.
After all these presentations, the recess bell rang, and I got my tangerine, peeling the orange skin off. Later, I met up with Ryan and started talking with him, about what we would be doing at the sleepover, starting with Ryan asking how excited I was for the sleepover, on a scale of one to ten. We were then talking about the new updates in Minecraft, the Nether Update. And, the 20 minutes were later then over, so we lined up, and waited for, again, our teacher. Between 10:30 and 11:10, we did a math game, called To the Moon. And it was quite a boring game, for it wasn’t any skill at all. Then, once the lunch bell rang, and the Chopped Leaf hot lunch came quickly. Getting my hot lunch, I saw that Ryan had chosen rice with chicken, pretty sure, while mine was a simple Caeser Salad. But I was a bit surprised when I opened the box. It had less food than the usual. But it was hot lunch anyway, so, yeah.
And during the afternoon recess, our talk kinda turned into a very flashbacky talk, starting with me sitting down near where the soccer guys, usually grade 5th grade and up, played. Ryan told me that I should move because I was near the soccer field, so I asked why. He then told me they could start yelling at me, to move, so I responded with “Ok, so?” So then he told me that they would be yelling in my face, and then did a little example, to my face. But I replied with the, you know, “Ok, so?” So then, Ryan did a few more reasons, but with me always replying with, “Ok, so?” So then, one of the reasons he later then gave me was a reason that I can’t grammatically answer with the, “Blah, blah blah,,” (You should know what I meant.) So, I answered with “Well, I’m used to people yelling at me,” Which he, of course, asked why. “My dad always yells at me. Well, of course, when he is mad,” “Ohhhh,” “Yeah, see?”
He then started the sad talk. “When people yell at me, I kinda break down very easily,” “How come?” “Well, because when I was in kindergarten, also, this was at my daycare, I had a really bad caretaker, who yelled at me a lot,” “Oh,” “She also had us to keep our hands on the desks, all times, otherwise she would yell.” “What??” “Yeah, also, when I once went home, I told my mom and dad that I didn’t want to go, but they thought I just didn’t want to see them. But one time, my dad came to pick me up early, and when he started to go inside, he saw that mean teacher yelling, and all the kids crying.” “Uh, huh,” “And he stayed in the parking lot, waiting there for half an hour.
Later, my parents were going to a lawsuit her, but once that teacher found out that they were going to a lawsuit her, He pretends to faint” “Ryan? Ryan? Well, I’ll have to do CPR.”He smiles when I pretend to do it, not actually doing it “Well, shockers!” I tickle him as if he is being lightly shocked” Then, I later take off his shoe, and put it on his head, which it fell off and landed behind his head. I then ran away, then stomping to him, as if someone was coming. He then woke up. He started up the talking again. “Didn’t you know I fainted?” “Why did you?”, playing along with his little act, “I was having a flashback!” “Well, can you tell me what happened this time, not faint?”
“Ok, fine. So, this was during the time I liked Skylanders and Lego Minifigures, so I had brought them to daycare, and while I was going to the bathroom, the teacher burned all of the Skylanders toys,” “What? Why?” “I know, right? But I had brought the Lego Minifigures with me to the bathroom. I don’t know why, but I did.” And then, the bell rang. So we did what we normally did, and, yeah.
And inside our classroom, Suchman gave me a pack of Gushers, candy that had sweet juice inside, a popular candy in my class. I was used to him giving me that stuff because he gives these snacks as pay to whoever works in his company.
What’s this company, you ask? Well, it is a book-making company that he made in class, competing mostly against Liam, who is a solo-worker in his own book-making company, making what he has a passion for, Flash comics, which aren’t that well-designed. Us, though, make very hard-worked books, but don’t have the best storytelling. Neither does Liam’s books have good storytelling. But ever since I joined his company, I’ve probably been the hardest worker in their company ever.
He then asked if I would like to work on my book downstairs, coming with him and Blake, a person recently fired, but also then a person who replaced Savi. I chose yes, so downstairs I went with them. And while I worked on my book, they worked on their own that they were making. I had done the first page before, so I continued on the second page, which I mostly focused on the pictures, not really the writing. When we then were about to go up to go back to class, I had just finished the front cover of the book.
In class, I was then listening to more of the boring presentations, which stopped finally, when we started to put our work in our portfolios. After, it was the end of the day, so I and Ryan talked for a bit about this game on the Super Nintendo he had, which was pixelated, and a game something to do with boxing. After, he went home, and I went my path. I then unlocked the backdoor, and I was in my home.

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