What I Expect at the Cinema

On Saturday, I’ll be waiting for 3:15 pm to come, which is when Ryan will be picking me up in his dad’s pickup, or his mother’s sedan, or maybe is was a caravan. Before that, my dad would probably be asleep at that time, because he likes to sleep in on weekends, probably because he is always up late at night, working, which to me looks more like going on social media and doing the stuff people usually do on social media. But back to the main part, I would have my usual clothes on me, maybe my backpack, and probably my wallet to get some popcorn (which is tasteless to me, unless if there is butter or cheddar), or a soda, which if I had a choice, I wold go for Coca Cola, so that I don’t fall asleep, or maybe Crush Cream Soda, at the concession stand. One of the reasons I want to go is because I’ll actually see what the inside of a Cinema / Movie Theater looks like, and another reason is because it’s one of the Star Wars movies. And from what Ryan told me, there are ten theaters inside the building, and it’s the Cinema across from the Sportsplex in Langley. The screen, then is also very high in quality, when it comes to graphics, and bigger than most theater screens. The movie name is Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the sequel to The Last Jedi, which is then the sequel to The Force Awakens.

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