The 52-Story Treehouse

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Andy and Terry live in a 52-story treehouse, that used to be a 32-story treehouse. They were writing this same book you are holding in your hands when they notice that Mr. Big Chungus* Nose (*It’s actually Mr. Big Nose) had disappeared, as they then explain how he usually comes in around the 30th page to give a call. So, Andy and Terry set off on an adventure to find him, where they come across some other silly mysteries and some other stuff.

The reason I like this book is because it has funny moments in it, like where Terry inside their Disguise-o-Matic 5000, as Andy is getting into their Fried Egg car, dresses up as an old man, and goes up to Andy, and Andy asks who he is, which he replies in “Do you not recognize your friend?”, where he then takes it off, and Andy then tells him not to be silly, which he then does a disguise of a Frogpotamus, and which makes a laugh of it, which he takes off, where Andy then tries to jump to clutch his neck, when he had just switched his costume to a stop sign, which Andy is now holding onto. And, the next page is where I had laughed the most.

Though some parts really don’t make sense, like where they stop time with a carrot… Anyway, moving onto some more stuff, I would rate this book a 4.5/5 on Comedy, and for 8+.

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