Shopping For Supplies

Today, me and my dad at about 7:43 pm, went out to get some school supplies for me, as I am switching classes tomorrow. As I might be in Mr. Sales, A person who is like Ms. Lummis, my teacher last and 2nd last year, who is strict, but very nice and kind to the peeps who do things ok. And he also has a very loud voice, which I don’t know how he got. And for his class, you have to have a USB flash drive, a binder and headphones, you must have. For school supplies, we bought a pack of pencils, coming in a pack of 20, but not pre-sharpened, pencil crayons coming from the brand Liqui-mark, and a bottle of glue, dividers for the binder, highlighters, fine point sharpie, and more stuff, that I forgot. We also went to Haney Place Mall, for Walmart, where I love looking at the games. Then, we went to the food court, or cafeteria, which I got a buddy burger from A&W, #1’s best burger selling restaurant.

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